Monday, January 4, 2010

Take care of each other

It's cold where I live, and according to the weather channel we will not be warming up any time soon. On the news this morning they were giving tips on staying warm, and how to take care of outside pets during such cold conditions. They suggested that if you could not bring your dog inside, that you not give the dog a blanket but instead put down hay since blankets can freeze. All well and good, but my question is why would you ever be unable to bring your dog inside? We are talking freezing conditions, with a below zero windchill and in some places below zero temperatures. And please don't give me the dogs are outside animals speech, because I don't understand the sentiment of that at all. Just because they will survive does not mean that they do not feel the cold, and actually suffer from it. Why get a dog if you find them to be so disgusting that you don't want them inside the house? And if you feel that dogs should stay outside, at least have a garage that they can come into in this type of weather. Supply them with water, and proper food and shelter please.
You took on this creature, and by keeping them you are responsible for them. Be a good human, and make their happiness and comfort a priority.

Done sounding off for now! How great is it to have a place to just run my mouth?

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