Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not everybody is going to like you in life,

and that's okay. You know why? Because you don't like everybody either.
Hopefully as my kids go about their own lives they remember that. I hope they know that you can't be friends with everybody, and that sometimes you have got to take a stand.
Recently I had to deal with a group of people that choose to be underhanded, bigoted, hateful and spiteful. I spoke up against their actions, and made it clear that I will not be a part of such actions, nor will I condone it. My daughter was with me, backing me all the way. She knows that sometimes doing the right thing can cause a lot of upheaval, but she was willing to lose a lot, to stand up for our friends. I am so proud of her. We WILL not align ourselves with people who wish to spread false rumors that could bankrupt an innocent person, we WILL not stand with those that discriminate against others based on sexual preferences, or with those that use their faith as a sword to badger others.

I'm sending a pretty coolheaded, strong person out into this world. She will do great. Seeing her convictions and her strength over these last few months have shown me that she will kick ass wherever she goes.
So I feel better, right now, about her going forth, but I still don't want her too.

Is that progress?

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