Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You are complete and perfect!

One of the mantras I repeat to myself is that I am enough. I have told my children, and will again, that they are complete and perfect just the way they are. This is not a cop out thing, it is not a reason to reject new ideas, or refuse to grow, it is just a reminder that there is nothing inherently wrong with us. We make mistakes, we learn from them and make new choices; that is enough. We give of ourselves, learn to set boundaries and lean on others, we are complete. We are perfect examples of the human species, show quality, every one of us. I am unique, just like everyone else.

And so is Pippi. She is totally perfect just the way she is. A horse. She knows how to take care of herself, and functions just fine without me asking her to do a thing. It is in the asking that I "force" her to adapt to rules not ingrained in her makeup. If horses were meant to carry humans, their backs would have been flat and much more suited to carry heavy loads. But we know that they can carry us, we know the bond and enjoyment it gives. We also know that a horse without those skills can not survive in the world. And so although she is perfect for what she is, a horse, I ask more of her. She now has to adhere to all my rules, and in exchange for this compliance I take care of her needs. But I must keep in mind, that she was enough before the training started, and that I have not altered her to be better. It was all there before we showed up. She was a complete diamond, Miranda just brought out the shine. A diamond is, after all, a diamond even before it sparkles in a ring.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pippi saves the Day

Miranda came with me to the barn last night. She has been really busy, and so she has not accompanied me for a while. She did come and watch one of my sessions at the clinic I attended, and she told me she was "proud of me." Which was my favorite compliment of course. Miranda is a great rider, and I get to say that because she is my daughter, and plus she is just great all the way around.

So off to the barn we went. It had been a really bad day for us, and so some Equine therapy was just what we needed. I rode first, and was able to keep Pippi cantering for more than a circle. I figured out that when I drop my eyes, Pippi slows to a trot, so that was a huge break through. She was throwing her head a bit, and I wondered if she was just energetic knowing Miranda was there. Miranda thought it was because I bounce my hands too much.
Then Miranda mounted up, and Pippi turned into Professional Show Horse. She was on the bit, nice and rounded through her back, and her trot was amazing. So steady and flowy it could bring a tear to your eye, which was probably just the dust from the arena, ahem. Pipi did not throw head, so I was wrong about that. Good to know. A great rider sure makes a huge difference. Pippi cantered smoothly, a bit too fast, but not the hand gallop that I tend to get. They rode for about half an hour, and I learned so much by just watching. Steady hands, soft yet insistent, eyes up, follow motion, and relax.

 After a horrible day Miranda smiled, and all was right with the world. Thank you Pippi............for ......everything...........

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Acting like a spoiled Brat.

Okay, someone is acting like a spoiled Brat again. This happens from time to time, and when it does nothing beats a good "talkin' to." So here it goes:

Oh, yeah, it is not Pippi acting up, it's ME!! I want stuff, and way deep in the far away recesses of my brain, that never really matured, I am screaming like a two year old who is tired and guzzled Mountain Dew. The voice is whiny and sulks and has an rotating refrain of "But I want it," and "why can't I have it?"
I bet most adults are smart enough not to share such churlish thoughts, but I am hoping that some of you carry a whiny kid inside as well, and will recognize yourselves. And if you don't, well Goody GumDrops, aren't you just so mature and well rounded? If I was there, you would see me making a face and sticking my tongue out at you, because that is how I roll. HAH! Put that in your mature pipe and smoke it! (see told you I was a brat)

I want a truck! With every ounce of my being, and I want to take Pippi on my own to a show, or a clinic, or any freakin' place. I am just sick and tired of not being able to decide these things. Just to make sure you understand, I am so very grateful for the kind (awesome) people who have lugged us around for years, but I just can not do it anymore. I want my own truck, and I will not take Pippi anywhere until I do. (You do know of course that this strong statement will be subject to change the moment the right opportunity to go to a show/clinic/anything arises, and that I will at that time act as though this blog post never happened, and that if you mention it I will totally act as though you made it up, and if pushed I will go back and delete this post just to prove how utterly full of crap you are. Clear enough?)

Again, I have been so fortunate with my awesome friends that have hauled us around. Kevin and Donna deserve my kidney should they need it, and Donny and Tracey are awesome for being so kind. But seriously, I need to be able to come and go at will. I want to load when I want, stop where I want, play the music I want, arrive when I want, leave when I want, and live out of my trailer. I want to hang my saddle on my saddle rack, my bridles on my hooks, and just have the freedom of being totally in charge of my own time.

Okay, trying to rein it in, getting a grip here. I feel better for just having whined, and I know that having a horse at all is such a luxury, and that showing that horse is just the cherry on top. I have been extremely fortunate to be able to go anywhere, and know that my time will come. I am an adult, I have obligations to my family and "needs" that far out rank the "wants." For now, I will just have to suck it up, and chill.

But.......I just want a truck!!!! (Wow, that didn't last long.)