Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Persian Malaise UPDATE!!

I heard from the Vet, and I should add, I love our small animal vet. (I love our large animal vet too). JingleBelle has an upper respiratory infection. They put her on the nebulizer and it brought on a sneeze attack, and seemed to help. She was given a shot of antibiotics, and they recommend I come get her late this afternoon, as they would like to do another nebulizer treatment.

Since she is more likely to eat, and keep her spirits up, and be more comfortable, they are sending her home. She does not have a fever, but her lymph nodes are swollen.

So glad to hear that my little SmellyBelly is coming home. Isn't amazing how much love such a little creature can foster?


  1. So happy your JingleBelle is on the mend! And I love that name.

    My Jewel (Siamese cat) is bad to the bone - but I love her fiercely...even when she shreds (with her teeth!) brand new rolls of toilet paper.

  2. Glad to hear that kitty is going to be OK! Do Persians have respiratory problems a lot? Just wondering because of their short noses?

  3. I'm so glad she's okay! Are respiratory infections more complicated in flat faced cats? I'm glad she gets to go home where she's comfortable. I hope she get better quickly.

  4. Persians have such flat little noses, with tiny little nostrils, it seems to take very little congestion to get them locked up. Normally I just clean out her nose, and waterboard her with saline solution, but this it became a real problem. She seems tired and quiet now, but so much better than last night. Our Vet is amazing, as is her staff!

  5. I'm glad she's going to be okay. It's no fun when our pets get sick. I had to take Storm to the vet too. Posted about it on my farmer life blog (myfarmerlife.blogspot.com)today. She's okay. Just ongoing issues with her eyes.

  6. Ha that's too funny. I didn't know about your tires too. It does seem like our lives do mirror at times. :) Keeping my fingers crossed neither of us has to spend money for a while. How is JingleBelle today?

  7. Yeah, had to get tires too. Such a terrible thing to spend money on, no fun at all!! Is it your husbands birthday this month by any chance? I had to get a Bday gift too, so that added to the tally, although at least it was fun to buy that.
    JingleBelle is doing okay today. A little quiet and still, a little snotty, but Antibiotics takes a bit to kick in, so we are still waiting.
    (why Will work computer not let me sign in correctly?)

  8. Hehe, nope my husband's birthday is in December. :)

    You're not way off on Faran's personality. He definitely has the laid back draft horse demeanor, he is however a little anxious/spooky due to past treatment before we got him. He's a lot more reactive than I would have thought a Percheron would be, but again I think a lot of it was how he was raised and (mis)handled. He's a great guy though and when he's comfortable he's very curious and personable. :)

    I'll be back after work to catch up on your blog.


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