Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kids move out = Kitchen closed!

I set myself a goal to blog often, and hope to at least put up a post every day. However, why would anyone want to hear about some of the monotony of my life. Yesterday for instance; I worked all day, went grocery shopping with the intention of getting food for the whole week, but instead ended up only buying dinner, milk and cereal. Hardly enough to last us a week is it?

Who hates the grocery store? I do! I do!
All that food just grosses me out, and makes me lose my appetite. That coupled with the pressure of having to come up with meals for en entire week, just sends me over the edge. Single people, or those with no kids, probably do not get what I am talking about. But you moms do, huh? It just sucks. Once in a while I try to be one of those supermoms with a list, coupons and new fun recipes, but after about 12 minutes in the store I am so over it. You can't please everyone all the time, and with teens you can only please one person about dinner once in a blue moon.

My husband, bless his little heart, talks of what it will be like after the kids leave home. He envisions us in the kitchen whipping up new and exciting meals together. Trying gourmet things that the kids would have just turned up their nose at. Soft music playing, me and him together flirting and sneaking a kiss while we stir, chop and sample our new creations. I have dreams of what the kitchen will be like too; clean, bare and with my dinner cereal bowl in the sink.

Isn't that the one good thing about the kids leaving the nest? Less chores overall. Less cooking, less meal complaints, less laundry, less shoes by the door to stumble over, less gym bags and backpacks, less phones ringing....................?

Less hugs, less late night talks, less laughter, less everything............

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