About The Blogger

Welcome to my Blog -my little piece of the interwebs. Here I hope to share my life with Pippi, our Dressage journey and the things I learn along the way. I hope you interact with me, and give me lots of feedback. Its nice when someone agrees with me, but I learn more when you dont so please feel free to air your mind.

I do live by one BIG rule; be the positive part. My hope is that all those in my life, be it humans or animals, are better off for having me in their lives. Now that does not always mean that I am nice, far from it, for sometimes being positive means saying the negative for a positive outcome. As I have written in this blog, being "nice" is not a goal of mine at all.
Definition of Nice: adjective, Pleasant; agreeable; satisfactory: "we had a nice time". 
Like when you were told to "be nice," as that many times meant "tell a white lie, and don't rock the boat or create conflict with your insistence of speaking your mind."  Nope, not shooting for that as I think "nice" has a less than honest and somewhat fake side to it. I'd rather be seen as brutally honest, than "nice." Nice people are boring, and I would rather be offended/offensive than bored.

I should give you my stats: I am a woman, married, mid 40s, the mother of two, an immigrant, and a newbie horseback rider. Pippi (Spring Loaded BayBe) was to be Hunter Jumper, but after Pippi bowed a tendon we switched to Dressage. Lessons started January 2013, and I am excited. Just bought a dressage saddle, so we are somewhat set. Hope Pippi is ready....

For those who wonder what "Newbie: means:
new·bie (n b , ny -). n. slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in any profession or activity. I am the very definition of that in terms of riding, although I am an old hand at being a Show mom.