Friday, January 22, 2010

Zefron hair was a failure.

My son is getting a haircut today, after a long haircut sabbatical on his part, and a failed attempt to get "zefron hair." I am so excited. Unreasonably so.

When he was born, almost 15 years ago (wow), he, as far I can remember, had two eyes, and both sides of his face. About a year ago, his left eye disappeared along with that whole quarter of his face. About the same time he developed what can only be described as a permanent chink in his neck, as his head is always leaning to the left now. What is most annoying about the neck issue is that his head twitches to the left about every 30 seconds.

So imagine my excitement about the possibility of seeing the entirety of his face again. And the end of leaning head, and missing face.

I explained to him what to say to the the hairdresser,"make sure she does not go too short on top, and make sure she cuts you some texture in the top to help you spike it a little." His response was that he did not know what to say to her; how about what I just said? Instead I just took a breath, realized that as usual speaking to him in the morning makes me as irritable as he already is. No good will come of that. So I decided that since his sister was taking him, it would be her problem, and since all teen girls love power I would have her tell the hairdresser what to do. He will certainly be told a few things as well. (Teen girls are scary bossy!)She'll take charge the way only a four year older sister can.
So Good luck to her. If he hates it, I will not hear about it until later on. While he is potentially grumping up a storm about how he looks like shit, and about how he wishes he did not get it cut, and etc, etc, I will be far far away.
Doing what you ask? I will be in heaven, with a goddess rubbing away all the stress knots from my neck, shoulders and back. There are so many things I will miss about not being a part of every moment of their lives, but there are a few moments I can do without. This haircut being one of them.

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