Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turning my day around......

I overslept this morning, not by a lot but enough to sort of get me off kilter. I then took a shower, tried to hurry, but the hot water was just so wonderful that I lingered a bit. But that was okay; all I had to do was get ready and head to work. Things seemed on track again..............aaaaaahhhh......

Oh Crap!! It was my turn to feed Pippi, and I was already a few minutes off to leave to go straight to work. Changed into muck boots, grabbed other shoes and headed to the barn. Okay - let's hurry!!

Have you ever noticed how horses force you to slow down? Their easy going nature, just standing around waiting for hay and breathing, tends to slow us down. Gets our priorities in order, let's us enjoy a few quiet moments. I was hoping Pippi would do that for me this morning.

She didn't!
 She had thrown her feed bucket to the ground, and then  filled it with stall bedding, so I had to rinse it out and dry it off before I could feed her.

Breathe!!! In & Out!!

"Okay, here you go Pippi. That's my girl!" Feed delivered.

Water bucket needs refilled.

"Oh - you have got to be freakin' kidding me!!!!! (insert Norwegian curse words at will here)!!!!!!!"

Pink bucket, on the ground, filled with crud, blue bucket still hanging but also nasty.
Normally we have a refill bucket in the barn, so all I have to do is refill two buckets from the big one. That saves time - normally!!! But not today since I was already late.
Grab both buckets, head outside to spicket to rinse out and refill. Rushing back in, and tripped over one of the cats, I think it was "Boots" (so named for his habit to be underfoot and thereby accidentally kicked by boots).
So I spilled ice cold water down my leg!!
Thanks a heck of a lot - "BOOTS!!"

At this point I just stopped for a second. Closed my eyes and reminded myself that I am charge of my own body, my own mind and my own reactions.

It is time to realize that I am late. So what? Who cares? I will be efficient, get things done and get to work as soon as I can, but I will no long scramble, or run around like an idiot.

Hung buckets back in stall, fed hay and opened upper part of door to Pippi can see out.

Chance standing on the ledge (pic from last week)

Grabbed some hay for Chance who will be fed later by Donna when she feeds all the mini's. He was already standing on the ledge with his head sticking over the door waiting for some morsels to tide him over.

Okay - back in the car and off to work.

How nice it was for me to do the feeding so Daughter could sleep in after finishing up her Fall Quarter at college yesterday.
You are welcome Honey!


  1. You so get the super mom award for letting your daughter off the hook today! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Eek! I hate mornings like that lol. I'm glad you stopped to breathe. It helps. I hope the rest of your day improved. I can tell you mine did just seeing that adorable picture of Chance. How do you stand boarding Pippi with all of that cuteness??

  3. Thanks Kelly. She works so hard with being a nanny, going to school and now starting a Holiday job at the mall. I feed three mornings per week, and she does four. But today she got her day off.

    Chance is just adorable, and such a character. Pippi has not really bonded with him, but instead wants to pal around with Skye who is the mini alpha mare. We have not dared put Pippi back with any of them since she kicked Chance, but they are in the fields around her at times. She goes nuts when the come out, just hilarious. I will post a video soon of her and Skye.

  4. Just found your blog and have been browsing around, decided to comment on this post since it was such a funny one! Looking forward to reading more.

    Btw, I was having the same problem with comments, but then I read that if you unclick "stay signed in" on the blogger sign in page, and just enter your username and password every time you log in to blogger, the problem is solved. Weird little hiccup but I hope that works for you too!

  5. I've had that crazy morning routine too :) And still have to remind myself to stop and breathe. Sometimes it seems the more I hurry, the worse things go!

    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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