Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hot? Me too, but this helped!

Wow - time flies huh? I dont even know where to start, so I will just continue on as though there was no break.

Pippi and I have been training hard, riding 3-4 days per week, and finding that canter. I realized that I was asking too hard for the transition, and when I asked softer so was her response. (I know, DUH!)

We had a chance to go ride with Jen Roth in Columbus for a private lesson, and it was awesome. After all our great work with my Trainer at home, we were finally ready to step it up. One hour that changed our entire lives for the better. Relax those legs, stop holding and worrying and let those legs swing. That is a huge relief for someone with longer legs than horse, and I more than willing to do less. Especially when less turns out to be so much more! NO HEELS DOWN? Hell yeah! Everything changed and Pippi was forward and soft, and I was so happy. We have been able to keep this new seat going, and have our first lesson at home tonight to show Trainer what we learned. How lucky am I to have a trainer that is willing to listen to me?
letting the legs hang down!
I also wanted to tell you about some great products that I have found to help keep cool. Being someone that does no sweat well, I always have a hard time with heat. Its almost as though a Viking does not belong in humid Ohio. My Bestie sent me a cooling towel from Frogg Togg for my birthday, and I cant tell you how awesome it is! You just drape the wet towel around you neck, or wipe yourself off, and wow! You can buy one here.

I also got some Absorbine Botanicals for Pippi. The massage foam, which is much easier to deal with than regular liniment, and the cooling/liniment spray. I used the spray after my very long and hot lesson with Jen Roth, and Pippi loved it. She actually felt cooler to the touch. And she seemed to love it. They smell great too, much fresher than the regular liniment. Read more about them here!
Absorbine Botanicals- YES!
We do not have any big things coming up, but I sure hope to have more lessons with Jen. Having access to a great Grand Prix (and Gold medal) rider that is kind and a fun instructor is invaluable. Love her!