Friday, June 10, 2011

Pictures that I love

Home - Oh, how I miss it!

Storm Storm go away.....

......Come again on a non lesson day!

After the move we no longer have an indoor arena, and yes we will miss that aspect of the old place. But we will make do, and cross our fingers that the storm does not roll in today. Go north I say!

Trainer is fantastic!! Just fabulous! He actually has a lesson plan, and comes prepared to teach and work. This is only our second Trainer, and we loved K who came out a few times, but she is just way too busy. Trainer is so focused, and knowledgable. And he studies and reads about what to do, learning and taking lessons himself. Pippi gets this weird expression when she sees him; a mixture of grudging respect, dread and excitement. But boy does she work hard. The gymnastics are super beneficial, and she goes all out. For such a little mare, compared to the BIG jumpers we face, she pulls out five strides between jumps too, and it is thrilling. This is her third season under saddle, and she is learning and loving it.

Pippi is changing in more ways that just skills, she is growing up. Her body is changing from that of a Filly to that of a grown mare. And she is filling her body if that makes any sense. Watching Daughter and Pippi become women/mare is odd and somewhat sad. They both are strong and sensible, and kind. Our ferrier who has a lot of experience with Pippi's bloodline told me that they mature late, both physically and mentally, and I can see now that he is right. She is becoming so settled, so much calmer, and less worried about things. It is great being on this journey with her.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Just wanted to share a Picture of Pippi surveying her new surroundings.

 We feel so blessed to have such a great, drama free, place to enjoy our passion. The arena was very wet and soggy yesterday so Daughter and Pippi trained by riding around the pond for a while. It was just beautiful. The sound of birds chirping, and ducks playing in the pond made it a perfect day.
(Meanwhile at our old barn, the horses were left out during a monster thunderstorm Saturday night, and went through the electric fence and were scattered around the property. Just proves that moving was the best option for Pippi and us.)