Thursday, January 7, 2010

Everyday life without the kids around, WHAT?

I have given this some thought, and perhaps our little family spends more time together than other families do. We have two teenagers, and from what I hear from other parents; teenagers are hard to nail down, except for in our case. Our kids are with us, spending time together every day. We have tv shows we watch together, we have hobbies together, we read together, we eat dinner together, and generally we just spend our lives together.

Always thought that was a good thing, but perhaps this is what makes it so hard to imagine my everyday life without the kids around. My husband and I have a great time just the two of us, and our relationship is strong, passionate and fun. No doubt the future will allow us more time together, which is wonderful. But I just can't imagine having the kids, and first off my daughter not a part of my everyday life.
She just spent the night away at a friends house, which is no big deal, we communicated several times by phone and texting. But in a little over a year, it will not be a day or two away from home, she will not really be living here anymore. Her life will have all kinds of aspects that I will not know about. She will know people I will never meet, and talk about places and things I will never see. That is exciting, but it mostly just makes me sad.

I really should have raised dumber kids that would never leave home for college. Would have saved us a bundle in college costs too.

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