Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Step one in college preparations

We signed up for the Act's. Well, she is signed up for the ACT held on National ACT test day, February 6th. We sat down and registered together, and it was exciting and very emotional. Several times our eyes would meet, and we would both nod our heads and keep going. As though we both knew that the first step was completely necessary and irrevocable. We wrote down her username and password, and placed them in a safe place, since this will be her account with ACT forever.
The process of doing this online was quite easy, and quick. How quickly it went. Years ago when older parents would say "cherish this time when they are little, it goes by so quick," I would mentally roll my eyes. It doesn't really go by quick, it just slips slowly through your fingers. You think you have a handle on it, but all of a sudden your hand is empty.
Her dad,  my husband, entered the room towards the end of the online registration. We were sitting close to each other on the couch, laptop on her lap, and we were quiet. Our son came in, and asked what was wrong, and she and both blinked tears away and said "nothing." My husband chuckled, and gave me a little smile. "They'll be okay;" he said.
And we will, but the end of an era is nigh upon us.

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