Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time wreaks havoc

I saw an old acquaintance today, and whoa! time had altered this person quite a bit. Why is is that we can see so clearly how others have changed with time, but still feel so untouched ourselves. That is until early in the morning, probably Sunday morning, when you slept in a little too long, and you see your face clearly in bright morning light without the benefit of make up. Whoa!
I don't really feel untouched. I mean my skin has creases and wrinkles, but it sure is nice to see someone that has aged worse that ourselves. Right? Up high! Don't leave me hanging now!

I remember my mom saying that I should know that a little girl lived deep within her. That time had taken some egdes off, but that deep inside she was just the same. Dreams, wishes and all.
I'm keeping that in mind as my children grow. They are still my little kids, and nothing but the packaging has changed.

Have a nice Sunday.

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