Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Equine Affaire

We, daughter and I, had the opportunity to go to Equine Affaire this last weekend. She had been before, but it as my first time, and the first time for both of us to see Pfizer Fantasia. What a wonderful day.
Seeing all the Breeds was a thrill, and just being surrounded by horses and people celebrating the horse was amazing. The booths where filled with all kinds of great buys, and we saw items we never would have seen other places. Daughter ordered a sweatshirt from "Sophisticated Equestrian Expressions," who is making her a purple one with lime green embroidery and mailing it to us.What service Their designs were so sleek and pretty, and the embroidery so well done !

We also met "Othello."

 I spoke to a representative of the "Friesans of Majesty" Stables, and started dreaming right away about what a great horse Pippi would have with Othello as her BabyDaddy. They do Crossbreed, and so I was off......
 I googled, and kept dreaming:
So All I need now is $1500, and the willingness to go through with it. What unbelievable horses. Just their presence and quite strength blew me away.

I will post pics soon from the Fantasia Show.

Suffice it to say: if you have wondered about going..........GO!!!!!

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