Friday, October 28, 2011

Costume Class - Rudolph and The Elf.

Our local show has a Costume Class at the last show of the season since it is so close to Halloween. This year we decided to dress Pippi up as Rudolph since Donna already had a super cute Elf costume.
I love the deer tail.

Last year Daughter forgot her show number, and was therefore DQ'd, and as you can see the above pic we just about forgot the number this year as well. Right after I snapped this shot I noticed the lack of show number and it is good thing I did, because we got the BLUE RIBBON!!

Here is a pic from last year:
I really enjoy making the costumes, and have now made five I think. The mini horse club has a costume class at every show, so I get a bit of practice.
This year I knew what size to make the sheet for Pippi, so that simplified things a bit. We took an old belt, glued bells and stars on it for the collar. We did have to get Pippi used to it, and wore it for a while to desensitize her to the jinglebells. Bought a clown nose and glued that on a bit of fabric that we attached to a leather halter. We measured it, and made sure it hit her right on her muzzle. She was not bothered by that or the antlers at all. The nose did irritate her when she tried to snag a bite of grass, as it swung out and startled her. Overall Pippi handles these silly Shenanigans with her usual patience and we make sure to reward her a lot. Poor Pippi has to deal with some seriuosly silly humans. No wonder she rolld her eyes at us.

Rudolph and the Elf is making another appearance tomorrow night to hand out candy during trick or treat. At least until it gets dark.


  1. OMG - seriously cute!! Inspired me to post about a Halloween several years ago that my daughter was in a Halloween show with the POA we used to lease. Pippi seems like a great sport :)

  2. Too cute! What a good idea. I was going to dress Chrome as a deer and me as a hunter this year, but I couldn't go because I had to work. I was trying to figure out a way to wrap the tail and glue cotton to it to make the underside white. I like the idea of the sheet a lot better because if I wrapped his tail it would be too thick and long. :)


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