Friday, April 29, 2011

Clicking our way to happy horse

Finally was able to start clicking with Pippi last night. My goal was to make her understand that the "click" meant treat, and that she connected her behavior to the reward. We achieved that I think.

I started out having her put on muzzle on her jolly ball. I knew she would touch it if I held it, and she did. I clicked and we were up and running. I tried to give her time to think about what just happened, but she just about immediatly looked for the jolly ball. At one point I placed the ball all the way on the ground and she bent down to muzzle it, click and treat.

Knowing this will be a helpful way to to train her is great, but you know what it is just plain FUN!!!

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  1. I love it when teh lightbulb goes off over their head--and they suddenly know what that click is like magic.


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