Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dotty - the heroine

You can read all about Dotty, and how she saved her sheep friend from a vicious dog attack, by clicking on the post name. Amazing story

Animals are feeling, caring creatures. Humans tend to like to think of ourselves as quite superior, but stories like these should prove to us that the animals we share the planet with have their own emotional lives and ties with each other and us.


  1. How cute she is! I've often thought about getting a donkey or mule to put in with the horses; I've heard they were excellent protection (apparently the rumors are true ;o)

  2. Love it! Our BO has a mini donkey and she's the bee's knees! personality coming out her long fuzzy ears. This was a great link, thanks for sharing.

  3. My Gilly has little Pokey the donkey for his companion and they are inseparable; best buds! Pokey doesn't like the dogs or cat in the field and will run them out, that's his field you know! I love my little donkey, he has taught me a lot, even if he is a little stinker at times! :-)


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