Monday, May 9, 2011

To do or not to do.......

....that is the question that I am pondering for the moment. To compete or not to compete, at the show coming up May 15th. I would do the two Walk/Trot classes again, the ones in the Crossrails division that I placed third in during my first ever competition a month ago.

Here are the reason to NOT compete:
-daughter is working on a lot of new things with Pippi right now; new martingale, new riding style, longer stride in canter, just flat work adjustments really, so I do not want to "unteach" new skills
-I want to give Pippi and Daughter every advantage and a fresh horse could make a difference
-we could sleep in a bit more, as crossrails are the first classes of the day

Here are the reasons TO compete:
-"everybody" wants me to, and is cheering me on (mostly other newbies, and close friends)
-Pippi needs to warm up for the other classes, and Walk/Trot is a great warm up
- Pippi loves her "mamma" and seems to settle down nicely for me, and is therefore a calmer horse after I ride her
-it costs money, and this is an expensive month.

So, there it is.
I can't really tell you whether I want to or not, but I am leaning towards not competing. Just don't know if I feel like it. The ribbons last time was a nice surprise, but.............oh I don't know.....

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  1. Do it!! I get expensive, as I'm on a budget, too. But that can be an excuse, sometimes, ya know? I get indecisive, as I was ready to waffle out at 5am the morning of my show. However, you CAN do this. You KNOW that. You HAVE done this before.

    Sounds like you have a great support team, which, IMO, is key. The best part of my show this past week, other than the entire day spent with my mare, was the support of my barn friends. Many of these women were trying new challenges as I was; moving from low hunter to low jumper classes, or moving up a division, or showing for the first time. Sometimes when we get older we stop trying new things, or taking risks, like we did when we were kids, and we miss out on the joy and learning we can get from exposing ourselves to things outside our comfort zone.

    I vote for Do It! Take your sweet girl and have fun with her, access your inner kid and just go for it!


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