Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Time!

This winter I set my goal, and it seemed so simple back then: participate in the horse show!

This weekend is it. And I can't believe how nervous I am. My goal is to participate, not to get a ribbon or anything. The show is in an indoor arena, with very low (less than 2 ft) fencing, and with people milling about right by the fences. Pippi has never been there, so we are unsure as to how she will like it.
She has a history of becoming "locked" at shows, but that was before she spent as much time outdoors as she does now. So due to the move to the new barn, last fall, she has become much more accustomed to other horses and the great big world out there. I think she will do better due to that, and the fact that this is her third season competing, so she is a year older and wiser. (right?)

Anyway; I plan on doing the Adult Walk/Trot flat classes, and then perhaps later in the season trying the Hunter Hack class. No reason to push myself too far right off. Daughter will compete in the 2ft, and the 2ft6 classes later in the day. So it is important to keep Pippi's comfort in mind, and keep her rested for the afternoon. My classes will just serve as a nice warm up essentially.

But wowser...........I am SO nervous. Kind of wish we were going somewhere with only strangers, but instead we are going to a club that I helped start and  run last year. So we will know everyone! Which has its good point, it will be nice to see friendly faces, but also it's downside; I don't want helpful hints while I compete. It will be hard enough to keep myself calm, and collected, without people yelling "helpful" things at me. I have a trainer, my daughter, and will only take cues from her. I asked her to stand away from the fence, and shake her head if I am on the wrong diagonal, but to otherwise leave me alone. Feel like this first time out I just need to get used to the whole thing you know?

I am forty years old,  and have been riding and trying for the last few months. Previous to that I was just a passenger, and Pippi mostly walked and did what she wanted with me. I was just along for the ride. Now I am learning to sit right, post and steer. It is a lot to take in, a lot to maneuver my body correctly, but I am getting there.

Wish me Luck!

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