Monday, April 18, 2011

Show time - say what?

This winter, after deciding to give up my part time (and unpaid) job as a Horse Show Volunteer after two seasons, I made the goal of actually competing myself. It is our third season with Pippi, and Pippi's third season competing, and I optimistically decided that I should compete with her as well.
For the last two years, I have occasionally sat in the saddle, and allowed Pippi to carry me around the arena willy nilly. That was really the extent of my riding capabilities. I knew a lot about taking care of a horse, but next to nothing about how to really ride one. Luckily for me there is a really great rider, in my opinion, living in our house; my daughter. So, I set the goal, and two months ago started to ride seriously (or at least trying.)

Cut to April 17th, 2011: Woke early to go feed Pippi, and waited there for our friends to come with Truck and Trailer to pick us up. They ended up coming a few minutes late, which gave me time to think how great it would be if they overslept and we were unable to go. No such luck!
The ride to the show was about 45 minutes, long enough to really question ones sanity and come up with few answers. I was determined however, and when we arrived I signed up for two classes; walk/trot equitation and walk/trot under saddle. Yeah - I am not insane enough to try anything more than that.
I had two goals: 1) stay in the saddle until it was time to dismount
                         2) project that I was a GREAT rider riding the BEST horse anyone has ever seen.

More to come......

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