Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Click Click - Who's there? Trained horse. Trained Horse Who? Pippi!

What a super lame joke. Seriously, if my jokes are that bad I should not even post them.

I have decided to start Clicker Training with Pippi. Years ago I had a great little dog that I trained to do amazing feats with the help of clicker training. So I started thinking about that, and since they had mentioned that at a clinic I went to, and a came across a great blog about it; why not? I am lucky enough to have a working knowledge of it, with dogs, so I am going to do it.
Went to pet store, bought two dog clickers, probably the same thing, right? And tonight we are getting started. I was at the barn yesterday, and had trouble communicating my wishes to Pippi. I could tell she was trying to get it, but I was not clear enough. Wish us luck.

Here is a link to the great blog I found about it:

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  1. She's not the only one that clicks. I click, too. Cole is a supreme clicker horse. We have been doing it from the start of his training. Not only will he pick things up for me that I drop when I ride, it has sped up everything I have trained him. It is so nice to have a way to tell him he did something great.

    I will never train a horse, again, without the clicker.


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