Saturday, April 2, 2011

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Having a horse is a luxury and a gift; a gift that I like to share with others. Not everyone can, or quite frankly, should have a horse. If cared for properly they take up a lot of your time, most of your money, and the work is often dirty, cold and hard. But the rewards are tremendous!
One of my most favorite things about having a horse, is to share her with others. Pippi loves kids, and they love her. A lot of people have dreamt of riding, and if Pippi and I can make that dream happen we are all about it.
Yesterday a college friend, and her 7 year old daughter, Chloe, came out to the barn to ride. They have met Pippi before, at shows that they have come to watch. Seeing Pippi at a show is a very different experience than what they saw yesterday. Where was the gleaming shining Pippi? In its place was a horse so filthy that she was no longer bay, but instead a dull brown. I has brushed her for almost and hour, and ingested an unbelievable amount of dust, yet she was still filthy. Pippi normally does not like to roll, but she must have found a new love of it, and decided to revel in it yesterday. It was way too cold for a wash, so I brushed and brushed. To little avail.
Well, Chloe is dreaming of having a horse and here was a bit of reality. Show clean takes work, and dedication, and your horse is not working with you on that.
They both  rode, and Pippi behaved wonderfully. Let's face it she loves all the petting, stroking and all the compliments. It was great.
But the best part of the day was when we were using the pick to clean out Pippi's hooves. When I lifted her rear right leg I told Chloe that Pippi would fart, which of course made the little girl giggle. A few seconds later, Pippi lifted her tail and let it rip. Chloe laughed and commented about how stinky it was. Another lesson; horses are big lovely beautiful intelligent stinky filthy creatures.

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