Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Battle of wills - I WIN!!!

My last post told of my unbridled joy at the possibility of trailering myself to a show. Well, it ended there, no Self trailering happened. The ball on Donny's truck did not fit my hitch, and it was really stuck on there and so we were stranded. Until Donny convinced us (Miranda) to let him come get us. She called him after I had said no, and he came and saved the day, as he so often does. That man is the bestest pal any young horse crazy girl could ever wish for.

Miranda did four classes, 2', on Saturday, and ended up with three blues and a red. I also competed, in the English Pleasure class, but Pippi would have none of it. She faught me every trot of the way, and I ended up forcing her on the rail as the rest of the group was lining up for placings in the middle of the arena. I was out of the running after all, Pippi had consistently done the opposite of what was asked for, but I was not about to give in. She was to listen to me or else.

On Sunday I was up first, and we schooled over the course. Yeah, that's right, I did a course. My first one!! (Do I have to mention that it was groundpoles?) Okay, it was groundpoles, but still!!!!! I was so excited, and learned the course, and was able to maneuver Pippi around it, and even get into 2-point at the right times. It was not until we were to leave the arena that Pippi decided to show me that she was boss, not me. According to her we were not due to leave the arena yet, and so the fight was on. Circle, trot , circle, trot, leave arena? NO!! Circle tighter, tighter, trot, leave arena? NO!!! It was two beasts locked in a battle of wills, two irritated females fighting for jurisdiction. Each believing the other incompetent and fighting for control.

In the end I competed with a stick, and used it whenever called for. Chalk it up as a win for me. Pippi really does not want me to ride her seriously, as I am her pal, and her soft place to cuddle. I get NO RESPECT!! That stick showed her otherwise. I ended up with three blue ribbons, and one red. Isn't that impressive?

The other person in the class was a young girl (12?) who was struggling to remember her courses. Still impressed? I thought so!
Donny says I should think of the other rider as a competitor in my division, rather than as a little girl. That sounds good. I am going with that; I kicked ass!!!

In other news: I launched my 2-Point Bling Facebook page, and would love it if you go like my page.


  1. Of course you kicked ass!!! Congrats to you and Miranda on show success!

    I will have to live thru your jumping tales...sadly, the Diva and I are grounded :(

  2. Whaddya mean "you are grounded?" Post please!!

  3. Congratulations to you and Miranda on a great horse show!!


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