Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pretty? Horse trailer? (pics)

Having waited for over three years to get a Trailer, we may have gone a bit overboard. Okay - we may have lost our minds!!! Our brains overloaded with Serotonin and we were up and running. 

2006 Adventure 3 Horse Slant with Dressing room

 Here is the Trailer we bought:
Pippi's area!

A few years ago I bought some wallclings, removable wall art, that I hated, but that is beside the point. They sent me some freebies with my order, that have been laying around in my craft room waiting for just the right nutty idea.  So, since I had it laying around.................

I decided to use it. The inside of the Dressing room door has some really cute magnets a friend gave me last year (so handy for showbills, etc), and some more butterflies from the wallcling kit. The "I Love My Horse" sign used to hang on Pippi's stall at our first Boarding facility, and we added her name in purple letters.
We are moving the spare tire out of the Dressing room asap, and I would like to decorate the rubber mat with some Krylon paint. And why not, right?
Disclaimer: In the future I will be selling "2-Point Bling" items from the Trailer at shows, and so I need the Dressing room to look cute. (Not that I am not crazy enough to have done this either way.) I have big plans, or rather small plans for a very small tight space, and will post more pics as I get things in order.

Miranda was a champ and cleaned the trailer with the help of the little girls that she watches as a nanny. What would I do without her? (Roll in the money I would have saved. Kidding.)

So are we in the running for Prettiest Dressing room or just plain nuts? 


  1. I don't think you're in the running... I think you WON! So, So Pretty!

  2. Thanks Suz. When I really get going it should be something else. Time will tell if it will be a good something or a really bad sumthin. LOL

  3. Thanks for the pictures. You do have the prettiest dressing room I've ever seen. Great idea to sell your stuff out of the trailer at shows. There's a lot of downtime at horse shows. I usually find myself shopping between classes.

  4. Reminds me of 'Pimp My Ride' :) I love it!

    A small tack store near us sells out of her trailer at local shows and does really well. Soon all the girls will be sporting 2-Point Bling!


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