Friday, July 20, 2012

Embodying the Spirit!

I have told the story of how Pippi was named Pippi; after Pippi Longstocking, the hero of all Scandinavian girls. Pippi does indeed have four long stockings, and furthermore I wanted her to have the spirit of Pippi as she at the time was afraid of the world at large. She showed glimmers of fearlessness and heart, and I wanted to give her the extra shove.

Today it is I that need to embody the spirit of Pippi Longstocking, and Pippi the horse. I need to intone the Pippi mantra that I gave to Pippi those years ago. And the Mantra is:

"I had never done that before, so I just knew that I could. "

That's right. I have never done this before, so I just know that I can!!! Never done it, can do!!

What am I doing? Hooking my trailer up to a truck, going to the barn, loading Pippi and taking her to the show for the weekend. CAN DO!!!

Donny is letting us use his truck once he gets his horses to the show, and we just can't thank him enough. Miranda was given the all clear by Docs yesterday, so she can now compete with boots and no restrictions. With a show this weekend, and a trailer in the yard she was about to go out of her mind. Donny to the rescue!!

Just so you know; Kevin could/would take us, and could/would/perhaps even lend us his truck, but we just want to give the poor man a break. His truck is a show piece, we call it the limo-truck (heated leather seats even), and I just don't think my nerves could take the pressure. (And to be frank, his might not either, and being superkind he would still let us and then regret it the moment we drove away. )
Not that Donny's truck is not great, but should I leave a teenyweensie little scratch on it, it would be okay. I would still feel terrible, but its a work truck that has done work if you know what I mean.
Miranda has to work tonight, so I called my trusty sidekick, Donna, and after her heart skipped a beat she signed on. 



  1. You only have to do it once and then you never have to do it again for the first time. Once you feel comfortable trailering, you'll be amazed at the freedom!

  2. You have GOT this!

    Lex, thankfully, was taught how to hook up a gooseneck and haul this spring at her working student position. First time out, she asked Dad to go with her for confidence. Now, she is an old pro at it - at 18.

    After you do it - I will go first :)


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