Friday, July 6, 2012

Hitting the Trails West

I have heard of "putting the cart before the horse," but we went ahead and put the trailer before the truck.

I bought a Trailer!!!!! I don't have a truck, yet, but this is a start, right? Hubbies truck is too small, but once funds are replenished from this purchase, I can move on to buying a truck. YAY!!!

It is a 3 horse slant load,( you know, because we have one horse. Just thinking of the future, as I am sure Miranda will at some point acquire another horse, and so we will need the space) Adventure Trails West with a dressing room up front. Nothing fancy, but in great shape for a used trailer, and everything I dreamed of. After we get it cleaned up, not that it is at all filthy but I need to clean it to a spit shine to make it "mine," I will post more pics. The dressing room has a saddle rack and lots of hooks and bars.

The large sticker on the back door turned out to be a magnet, yay, and the other one peeled right off. Now all I have to do is remove the bronco rider sticker. I have a huge issue with stickers, really our whole family does and remove them whenever possible. (Often preferring sticky residue to the actual sticker, we have issues.)

Brought Kevin to get the truck, and not just because I needed him to haul it. I really wanted his opinion, and was nervous until he said "let's tow, and go." Miranda, Donna and I saw it last weekend, but with the storm, closed banks, could not go get it until yesterday. Kevin checked it out, as we had done, and found nothing to be concerned about. Some scratches, and minimal wear and tear, but that's was all. His opinion gave me reassurance, plus, as I told him, if it turns out to be a dud it is now his fault. Yeah, I prefer to blame others than at any point take any responsibility. It really is better, you should try it.

 So we hooked up, and towed it home.

After waiting for three years for this I felt like waving to strangers all the way home, and did tell everyone at the gas station to check out my new trailer. As is usual in our neck of the woods, everyone was kind and generous, and the attendant even watched as we pulled away, waving and smiling. When I exited my house this morning I was in awe; it was not a dream!!! I don't think anyone saw me as I ran to it, and stroked it lovingly calling it "my precious." But if they did, I don't really care, they are just jealous!!


  1. Way better than a vacation!!!! Spoken by someone else who waited a long time to purchase their own trailer. You will have no regrets. Enjoy :)

  2. Thanks Kelly, we are STOKED!!

  3. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I have an older Trails West 2-horse slant with a tack room. I'm curious what yours looks like and how it is set up on the inside. Can you take more pictures? If not, I'm sure I'll find something on the Internet.

  4. Muzzles - will take pics Sunday once we have washed and shined it up. Cooler temps on the way so we are waiting for that.

    Ruffled- AWESOME!!!! I am ecstatic!!

  5. Congrats... it was definitely my ticket to freedom!

  6. Congrats, Emme. This is good news! You are going to love it.

  7. Be proud of your trailer truck! It’s a product of your hard work after all. If I were in your position I would feel proud too. Just be sure to have it regularly checked for maintenance, and you’re sure to prolong the lifespan of your ‘precious treasure’. Congrats!

    -Odessa Coldiron


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