Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Embracing the wonderful "Busy'ness"

Is that how that word came about? Business, I mean. I think that must be the case, because I sure am suffering from busyness right now. "2-Point Bling", please go like the Facebook Page, is keeping me on my toes, plus I have a "real" job and a family, and a horse, and dishes and laundry and .....and.....

Products should be trickling in, so soon I will be embroidering away. We now carry English breeches (Tuffriders for now, but more brands soon) and an array of apparel. Our first event will be August 18th, so please keep your fingers crossed and send some goodwill. My cool country chick all around kick ass friend Peg is having an open house barn party to launch my business and we hope to put our best hoof forward.

Meanwhile; please to enjoy some pics Donna took of Pippi on her first trip in the new trailer:
Pippi taking a look from her new ride.

"Wow, are those horses my size? Thought for sure I was the biggest horse in the world!"
(lives with only Miniature horses)

The Trailer and Kevin's Limo-Truck.
 "2-Point Bling" is taking part in the Annual Fundraiser weekend at Reality Farms Equine Center in New Concord, Ohio the last weekend in September. The event hopes to raise funds for Breast cancer Research, a cause near and dear to my heart as my Grandmother had breast cancer and my aunt did as well. There will be an Open show with classes for Hunter Jumper, reining and speed events (can't be be inclusive than that), and a Trail Ride Poker Run on Sunday. I will be selling t-shirts for the event, and donating $10 per shirt sold to the cause. The t-shirts are black with the pink Breast cancer ribbon and the words "Make the Cure a Reality." I will post pics of that shirt soon. Hope to be a part of many such important events in the future.

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  1. Pippi looks lovely looking out of her new ride! Your new business is taking off - so happy for you :) I am not a FaceBook person...still living in the dark ages, LOL. Will have my girls like in on their accts.


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