Thursday, July 5, 2012

Not much to report........

We were one of the lucky ones; lost power due to the storms for only 2 days, and had minimal damage to our house. A few shingles off the roof that hubby repaired, picked up a lot of sticks and such in the yard and we were back to normal. The barn and all the horses were just fine, and the power came back at the barn after three days. Fans are now blowing keeping them cool through the super heat we are experiencing.

We have ridden a little. The heat makes it less than fun, and we obviously do not want to tax Pippi too much. Mostly we have spent time making shirts, and I hope to deliver my first batch this weekend. Having lots of fun with that.

Hope to have some exciting news soon. So keep checking back.

Hint? Hitting the Trails West...........


  1. This weather...feels like I have sweat more the past 2 weeks than in my entire life.

    Vacation coming up? Hope you get to travel somewhere cooler!

  2. Shirts? What shirts?? What am I missing?


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