Thursday, March 26, 2015

Twitter is THE BEST!

@Goal4Pro on Twitter posted today: "Reply to this with pics of your horses and I may just sketch them today :)" Well , you saw the great picture I took of Pippi last night, so I quickly twittered out (is that a real term?) that picture of Pippi.
and Look what was Twittered back to me:

Isnt that just awesome! What a talent! So please head over to and check out what other talents this great gal has. 
This is the picture I sent. 

And you guessed it! This will be stitched as a new pattern for sure! 


  1. Oh to have that talent for art! Captures Pippi so well :)

  2. That's awesome!! I don't really use Twitter much. Instead of Twittered or Twitted it is actually Tweet or Tweeted. I have no idea why it's called Twitter, yet what you are doing is sending a Tweet lol.


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