Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring showers!

It was a warm day here yesterday, so after work I rushed to the barn and gave Pippi the Spring shower she so bad needed. She was filthy, and it took a while but she was felt great afterward. Looked pretty good too. (There were 4-wheeler and dirt bikes being ridden close to us, so I took the precaution of the chain for going outside to dry off in the breeze.)
4-Wheelers & Dirt bikes - Oh my!
Took a while to clean and brush this out!
Still a few stained spots for the next shower
Lots of noise over there.


  1. She looks great! Still haven't given Riva her first washing of 2015.

  2. Had to get it done as soon as I saw the temperature. She will roll today, but at least she smells better.


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