Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My knees! They used to hurt!

I have struggled with pain and grinding in my knee for years. In 1996 I fell at a playground and had it partially out of the socket, and ever since then it has been a huge painful hassle. Riding has at times been quite painful, and it left my toes numb which made me lose my stirrup a lot. I bought the flex stirrups and it helped, but my knee still hurt and throbbed. I saw an Orthopedic Doctor, in January this year, who said I had virtually no cartilage left in my right knee, and was looking at possible knee replacement down the road/ They do not do those at my age (I'm 44!). Not great news. I kept riding of course, it's what we nutty equestrians do.

Here is some Video of my knee on February 1st 2015: (Turn the sound up, you will need to hear this, and yes that nut cracking sound is my  right knee)

WellI found a product that has changed my life. Stay tuned for video of what my knee sounds like now, and information on what fixed it. I am telling everyone, everywhere I go, all day long, about this product because it has been that great for me.


  1. I'll certainly stay tuned. I dislocated my knee about 20 years ago--and it was completely out of the socket. I have had grinding and pain ever since. It is still tolerable, but I am sure it will only be a matter of time...

  2. I will post about it very soon. :)


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