Monday, June 25, 2012

And now for some GREAT News!

As some of you may know, I am looking at you Amy, I have been dreaming of starting my own little business for some time now. The ideas were many, and some quite ridiculous, but all were somehow related to horses.
So...............drum roll please...............

That is the little label I created to place on my embroidered Equestrian items, in my new little business called
"2-Point Bling."
Here is a bigger version of the pic.

I know. I am quite fortunate to have such a pretty girl for my promo shot, and I think Miranda looks pretty nice too. (kidding) Miranda is wearing one of the items that I made, and she was the one to come up with this pose. Isn't it just perfect?

The idea behind "2-Point Bling" is that all riders like a little fun in the Equestrian wardrobe, and that "bling" is not just for the Western Riders. Hunters, Eventer, and Dressage riders may not be able to compete with Sparkly clothing, but we would like to add a little fun in our schooling items, and maybe even a little hidden "bling" in our show attire. So "2-Point Bling" was born.

I am now in the stages of making product, and will be posting more pics soon. Each item will be unique. There will only be one in that color, on that shirt, or in that placement etc. So if you purchase a "2-Point Bling" item, you will not go to a show and see five other people in exactly the same shirt. We all dress alike anyways, with the breeches and showcoats, it's fun to have a unique schooling item. Right?

Soon I will be taking my items to local stores, and hoping to get some sales started. I am not taking orders as I have my full time job and family to consider. As much as I would like to allow costumers to design their own, I do not have the time to fulfill order deadlines.

In the coming weeks I will post a picture of a special shirt here on my blog, and we will have a contest. What size do you think the shirt should be?


  1. Sounds very exciting!! What a great idea :)

  2. That is a wonderfully professional advertisement. Your daughter is a lovely model.

    Sounds like a great idea. I wish you success.

  3. Congrats!!! Beautiful shirt, model, horse...I do love some BLING :) Looking forward to hearing more about your new business!

  4. Ooooh, NOW I get it! Can't wait to see the next designs! Love the pose, and do you have a closeup of that design?? Would love to get a closer look, as I think I am in love.


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