Monday, February 11, 2013

Shall I Go and Shall I show now?

Remember that old song? Hah - now you have that stuck in your head all day!! :)

Tracy keeps trying, bless her soul, to talk me into showing at my first Dressage show in May. She emailed me the Intro tests, and I looked it over...........I can do all that. Okay - I can do it, but it may not look pretty.  I do not have high expectations our first go, my goal is to just go, so as long as I can do the test I feel okay. Sure it would be nice to score well, but entering would be a huge deal all itself.

So I place one leg over the fence, thinking............I can do this. I should do this. Why don't I just tell Tracy that we will go. We will buy the Sparkling Prosecco, the orange juice, and the bagels ( Thanks Amy!!) and drown our nerves in "orange juice". The entire weekend will be loads of fun, and I am getting excited.


It's in May!! MAY!!! Graduation month - busy busy busy month. NOOOOO!!!

Good thing I never jumped over the fence far enough to tell Tracy we were going, because I am now back to straddling the fence again. The show is the weekend before Graduation................

Shall I go and Shall I Show now?.......

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