Thursday, February 7, 2013

Of course I bend, Silly Human!

Finally got back in the saddle after a whole week yesterday. The weather has been terrible here, very cold, so although I was at the barn I opted to not ride last Friday. Didn't want Pippi sweaty and then cold. Monday I was tied up. And so a week passed.
I tacked up after some free lunging, and we were off. We walked down the first side of the arena, and I asked Pippi to bend to the right, which is her stiff side. She bent and kept walking like it was no big thing. Later on she continued straight forward after a change of rein, as though this is perfectly normal.

I had to laugh, so Pippi stopped walking. She slowly turned her head around, gave me a looong look and wrinkled her muzzle. And she was right, this was totally treat worthy. Seems that a week off was just the thing to put all the puzzle pieces together.

Later on I started the task of standing balanced in my irons, and I was able to for an entire circle of the arena at a walk. I then tried standing at the trot, and was able to for 5-6 strides. I sat the moment I felt unbalanced as I did not want to bounce on her back. I also worked on my sitting trot, and I think we are getting somewhere.

I love that mare.

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