Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I am "The Horse Whisperer!"

Pippi is a very communicative horse, and normally I have no problem figuring out her mood, her wants and sometimes her aches and pains. I spend a lot of time with her, and I think we have built a bridge between our two species. I hear her!

But does she hear me? Well!!! According to BO/Trainer, I am the Horse whisperer! Cool right?

As I was riding in my lesson Monday night this is what I heard: "You are whispering to your horse, when you should be YELLING!!" OH! Not good. So I am the horse whisperer, but it's not a good thing? Man, that sucks!

Pippi is not responding to my leg as well as she should. My leg isn't strong enough. BO wants me to ask, kick and then use whip. In that order!! And so I did. Asked, Kicked and used whip. And BO said "was that a kick?" Apparently I went from a whisper, to a soft word. I need to yell, but I am barely speaking in normal tones.
I can yell, I mean I can curse and yell is at least two languages, but with my horse I am the whisperer. It is so hard to really kick her, I mean that is my Pip under me. You know, Pippi, my girl. And you want me to kick her, like really kick her? I tried, I swear I did, and Pippi did move better and quicker, but I highly doubt it was a yell. Maybe more like a clearing of my voice. Ahem!!
"your whispers are making me sleeeepy"
I think I am ready to yell now. Okay, maybe not yell, but certainly a clear "Excuse me".

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