Monday, February 27, 2012

The Pip, The Whoop and I.........

 Pippi standing in her little field, waiting for us to get her. After Trainer told us to chase her when she does not come when called in, there have been about three merry chases around the field. Donna's mom much enjoyed the sight of me running around like a looneytoon for about 20 minutes last week.
I can report that each chase is shorter, and Pippi is now proving easier to catch. But - BOY - she sure  can turn on a dime when being chased by a crazy middle aged wacko! (great exercise!)
 Here I am riding. I had every plan to canter yesterday, but Pippi was a spitfire and I lost my nerve. Okay - I totally chickened out!

The Mini's came out, and with their running around Pippi felt it was quite unfair that she had to work. Pippi is used to being alone, so when she has equine company she gets real excited.
Miranda ended up schooling her for a bit more, with some very bad behaviors from Pippi, and then guilted me into riding again. And I did.

Trotted like a champ.


 This is my new fun little project; Gracie. She is a a hairy little beast that I am hoping to have some fun with. No one shows her, so my "training" should not mess anything up for anyone.( I can play with her while watching Miranda ride Pippi.)

I have nicknamed her "Whoopie" because she is a little tramp. The mare field butts up againts the stallion field, and Whoopie butts up against the fence. A LOT!! Her rear end is almost permanently placed against that fence, rubbing back and forth so much that the fence now has a Whoopie booty imprint. A girl after my own heart; if you want it, you go get it girl!
And finally a Picture of me. See that, Kelly?


  1. You look fabulous on Pippi! Us good looking moms have to stick together :) That canter courage will be with you any day now!!!

  2. The Canter Courage better arrive this afternoon, because my canter lesson is at four thirty. Yikes.

  3. Aww I love that last picture with you and Pippi. Turned out totally awesome!

    I like your new project. She is so cute!! I want a mini lol.

    I can't wait to read how your lesson went.


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