Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stumpy - my Familiar.

As you know, every witch has her familiar, and I am no exception according to my husband. Where I go, so goes Stumpy (named so after losing his tail during his dramatic birth). He lives to be near me, and suffers greatly when it can't be so. Here is a video we took yesterday showing what happens if I go to the restroom alone. Please to enjoy my uber sexy jammies:

(I know the video is quite dark, we may try again on a sunnier day. ) You can hear me calling him from inside the bathroom. As my son set up the camera Stumpy was on my lap, being petted, so this is not video shot after hours apart. More like seconds.

Stumpy has jumped in the shower with me, bravely suffering through the splashing water and soap, just to be near me. My shower lasted too long, and walking on the tub edge was no longer close enough. He routinely pushes my cell phone out of my hands, or my Kindle off my lap, just to take its place. Standing on my chest, rubbing his cheek all over mine, talking the entire time makes for some difficult times watching Tv.
But I love him. Well, what's a witch to do...................


  1. We plan on going to EA on Sat. 4/14 - will you all be there that day?

  2. Oh my gosh and I thought Dreidel was bad! I <3 Stumpy!

  3. Oh my goodness he's adorable!!!!! I love his meow. :D So cute! I wish I weren't so allergic to cats. The cuddly ones are so fun.


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