Thursday, February 16, 2012

Miranda's photos - and self motivations!

Since I have not done any riding, or even hanging out at the barn, lately, I will just go ahead and take advantage of my daughters work. Hey now, I made the kid, allowing me to use her photography is the least she can do. I HAVE STRETCHMARKS from that kid!!!

Pippi looks about ready to go inside here.

Pippi in front of her little barn.

Huge stride for such a little mare.
Pippi is only 15 hands, 1100 pounds (we think), but she sure can stretch those legs out. When we first found her, I would see her at liberty and I just knew she would be a great Hunter/Jumper. She glides, and flows; like an equine waltz.

My next lesson is Monday, and I need to really kick it in gear. Amy, at A Work in Progress, has some pics on her Facebook that really inspires me to get my lazy, fearful, chickenshit, ass moving. I never thought of myself as a chickenshit person until I started riding.
I mean I have stood toe-to-toe with the "Queens (and Kings) of The White Trash People" in moments that were Jerry Springer worthy. One Tenant Wrote "F$%# YOU" on the wall in one of the apartments using his own poop. (I know, how stupid do you have to be? Why use and touch your own crap, when a permanent marker is harder to remove? The Site Manager felt awful for me, and I felt awful for her. I mean; I was not the one who had to clean that up.)

I've got some stories!

But I hope to have stories of how I jumped my horse. Stories of my first time doing more than a step-step-hop over crossrails. And I will!



  1. Your assignment - get the daughter to help - is to post a pic of you riding! If we see each other at Equine Affair, I will not know if it is you :)

  2. It's normal to have some fear of horses! They are big, powerful animals. Just don't let it take the fun out of riding. Relax. Don't pressure yourself. Fear is how we keep ourselves safe so follow your gut. You'll know when you're ready to jump.


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