Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yes? No? Now? Later? Used? New? I quit!!

The search for a Trailer continues............and continues..............and continues.........and...........

Frustrating stuff for sure! I realize that money does not buy happiness, but it does FOR sure buy a whole  lot of peace of mind which I am SURE contributes to overall happiness. I have a decent job, I have some money in the bank, and I don't have a lot of debt. I can go to any bank and they would be happy to give me money, and I could take that money and buy a brand spanking new Eclipse 2 horse straight load trailer big enough for an 18 hh warmblood horse. It cost a little less that $7000.00. (sigh)

Okay, here is the gist of what has me so irritated, no..........dismayed is the word. There is a trailer for sale by owner in our area, parked right in town. A 2006 two horse slant load trailer with a dressing room and rear tack. It is VERY nice. I called about a while back, and they wanted $9000!!! Uh, no! So I moved on. Yesterday a co-worker who knew that I was looking stopped and got the phone number off the trailer, and came and told me about it. He didn't know that I had already called, but apparently the priced was dropped to $7,900. Co-worker buys a lot of used cars, I swear he has car trading as a hobby, and suggested I take a look at it, and offer a crazy low amount for it.
At lunch I headed over, and took a look. It is very gently used, hardly used at all. Looks as though a horse may have been in this trailer twice, but certainly not more than that. I know that I can get a trailer just like it, brand new slant load, with dressing room (but no rear tack) for $7000 at the Eclipse Factory right here in Ohio. (I would rather have a straight load as I see BIGGER horses in our future, but for the right price I am flexible). I called and offered the lady $5000 cash right now! She stated that he would not go below $7000, and was rather clipped when I told her I could get a new one just like for $7000 and she sounded like she did not believe that. So we got off the phone.
Later on I decided to call back, on the advice for Mr.Usedcarbuyer in our office, and ask her if I could show her the new trailer for comparison. She stated that another person had called and that the trailer was most likely sold for $7000.
Oh well.....
But Seriously, why are people willing to pay so much? I don't get why trailers are either priced as new, or over priced for even a rust bucket stock trailer. I feel like giving up.

With the house repairs needed (whole house rewire, etc, not elective stuff), the cost of soon to be two kids in college, the need to go to Norway to see relatives (it has been 8 years since the kids and hubby went, and four years for me), aging cars and etc etc. I just get a bit discouraged.
We so want to take Pippi to bigger and better shows, and even dream the impossible (taking Pippi to Paint world show in Texas, although we KNOW this will not happen). I am tired of being dependent on others to give us a ride since it makes me feel like a "user" and a "mooch."

So here is my mantra for the day, and one I should use all the time:

I do not have all that I want,
but I have so much more than I need.
 That does not make me stop the want,
but it does remind me of my greed.

These words came to me before Yule, and it is a lesson I am trying so hard to teach myself. I am fortunate to have a healthy happy family (since Miranda was sick, it is not something we take for granted), money to pay our bills, a roof over our heads and love.

On top of that I have a horse! The luxury of sharing my life with a horse is a gift indeed. I will have to let Pippi remind of the simpler pleasures when I go to the barn tonight. She never let's me down in getting my priorities straight!


  1. You have a wonderful mind set about being grateful for all you do have...but I know how hard it is to rely on others when it comes to trailering.

    We got our 2 horse straight load about 2 years ago - it was used, but in really good condition, has a small front tack room, ramp load, escape doors on both sides, hanging mangers, I think a 2006 Sundowner, extra tall and extra long - and we paid $10,000 for it. We love it and our horses do well loading, unloading and traveling in it.

    You will find the right one and it will be worth the wait!

  2. I love the way you think. And I love your mantra.
    Keep your chin up. Good things will happen.

  3. Thanks guys. It sure is a daily battle to keep ones egotism at bay. Me me me, want want want.....LOL

  4. I love your little poem. I need to read that to myself every day.

    Good luck in your trailer search. I'm sure one day you will find the right the right price.

  5. Wow imagine how I feel when I already have a trailer, but I want an upgrade lol!! I have a very old style Thoroughbred (tall) two horse straight load bumper pull trailer, but the plexi glass broke out of the windows and someone took the divider out so only one horse can go in it. It's just too small. I can't haul both of my horses on it and even one horse feels extremely claustrophobic in it. I also don't feel comfortable tying in it because there is too much room to move around and get tangled up. So yeah, I guess I need to print out the poem and read it everyday too!!

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that something perfect comes your way!


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