Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pippi the Pipsicle.

Miranda and I have, as I think a lot of horse owners, quite a few pet names for our mare. Whenever it is cold outside, we call her "Pipsicle." Well this Friday, she truly was a Pipsicle, as our area was covered in ice. It was windy and icy overnight friday, and this what her world looked like Saturday morning.
Pippi, framed in icy chicken wire, all wrapped up against the cold wind. She now loves her hood so much that she refused to go outside the other day until it was on. :)

My snowman has a sign that says; "Let is Snow!" Not let is ICE!!

Branches covered in ice.

So cute to see the Big Pippi hoof prints and the little Mini Horse hoof prints.

The Chicken wire looks breautiful, nature is fantastic

My Holly tree was a work of art
Pippi framed in icy Chicken wire


  1. I love the shots of Pippi through the chicken wire! Very cool!

  2. LOL! That's too funny that she loves her hood so much. :D Hope the ice clears up soon. It can be very scary.


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