Monday, January 9, 2012

A roadtrip? To look at a Trailer? Heck Yeah!!

Yesterday was a great day. Any day spent in the company of Kevin and Donna, Miranda and the Son, is a great day. But when you add in the excitement of the fact that we were going to look at a Horse Trailer, well it was off the hook. (I am so way cool, I know all the cool terms).

Kevin called about the Trailer, which was advertised in our local paper, and spoke to an older lady who sounded a lot like Diane Rheem. She was either 79 or 97, and stated that the trailer was in excellent condition, and was prepped for a paint job. That did not intimidate us, as the price was such that a paint job would still make it worth the drive. Also, without shiny gloss it could be easier to see rust and damage. The lady told Kevin where she was located, and that being near a great family restaurant we decided it would be a great Sunday Drive.

So on Sunday at noon we set off. I called and told Diane (a good a name as any as she sounded look her) and told her we would be there in about 30 minutes. And we would have been if she lived where she said she did on Saturday night. Not finding her road, we called and she told us we were about 15 minutes from her. So we headed down the road about 25 minutes, found her road, and called again for final directions.

Diane lived in a hilltop farm house with two dogs, which she advised us not to pet because "they are liable to chew you up." She was a character; my best kind of person. The Trailer was in a lean to, and after a quick hello we walked over and checked it out. Diane is in a wheelchair, so we did this on our own. And that was good, because we had comments. The straight load Trailer, no name brand to be seen, was Avocado green under the pale grey primer. It was quite rusted, and according to Kevin the undercarriage wouldn't have made it back on the highway. The interior wall, separating the stalls from Tack area (with new indoor/outdoor carpet), had been moved a foot or so. Pippi is only 15hh, but we would be forced to really work on her bend to get her in the back of that trailer. I think the majority of the trailer space was in the tack area. In the lean to was a vat array of farm implements, a model T Ford. !!!!!

We headed back to speak with Diane. She also had a saddle for sale, according to the ad, and we wanted to see it. It was a western saddle, $100, and it was sold. She did have another one though, she said, and we could come in and look at it. So in we went. We entered into a very HOT mud room with an old fashioned wood stove, and from there into a kitchen. Diane was able to maneuvers about very small spaces in her wheelchair really well. The house wasn't that small, but when you are a HOARDER!!! things get kind of tight! OMG!!! Now don't get me wrong, it was not disgusting, it was just filled with stuff. The smell was not fresh by any means, but neither was it gag worthy. But you should have seen the antiques. Some were from the Civil War she said, and I believe her. It was unreal. We saw the saddle, it was gorgeous, but one can't save for a Trailer and buy $200 saddles one does not need. Eye on the ball PEOPLE!! ( the tooling was perfect, I really wanted it, but we do not need it).
Diane spoke to me of times gone past, she used to be a hairdresser, and was an Herb Adviser, and the President of her local Woman's Historical Society. She used to have 15 women in her house for meetings, and "look at it now."  She loved the kids' hair, and remarked about how she "used to have great looking hair, but now I just let it go grey and greasy."

So no Trailer. No Saddle. We ended up driving by a Trailer sales place (since we were so close) that didn't really have anything, and had lunch at Cracker Barrel instead of our planned place. It was a great day.

I wish I could have had more time with Diane. I bet she has some stories...........


  1. Hey - you are going to win a shiny brand spanking new one anyway :)

  2. I love Cracker Barrel!! Can eat about 20 of their biscuits. Sounds like a fabulous trip filled with good friends and great laughs.

  3. Agreed. Cracker Barrel is awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit even though you didn't buy anything. And good job for keeping your eyes on the prize and not buying the saddle. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for the comments on Chrome's posts. Good eye, you're right the new blue halter doesn't fit him. I actually have it set on the smallest setting, so there isn't much I can do right now to make it fit better. That's why I wrote what I did in the Christmas post about hoping he would grow into it. I'm going to refrain from using it in any high intensity situations since it doesn't fit and he doesn't know how to respond to it right now. :) I probably could look up ways to punch a hole in the crown piece so I could make it tighter, but I've only ever punched holes in leather. Do you know how to do nylon without it fraying or ruining the halter? Thanks again for you comment!!

  5. Oh and I forgot to say I'm glad to hear I'm not the only "cuddler". Are you to the stage now to where you can cuddle with Pippi without her taking advantage of it or is she still in her troublesome teenager stage?

  6. I wonder why my original comment didn't make it through on this post. I said something about liking Cracker Barrel too and being glad that you enjoyed talking to the woman even though you didn't end up buying something. Weird.

    Also, thanks for your response on making a hole in the halter and the cuddling. That all makes sense. I'll start doing that with Chrome too. The making him back up before I give him his treats is already really helping. He's already stopping a little further away from me now. :)


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