Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ding Dong, the B!$%# is GONE!!!

As I previously stated Pippi has recently become quite grumpy, and even tried to kick me when I entered her stall to refill water buckets while she ate her feed. We wondered if the culprit was the Energy supplement we had started her on. Our new barn has a small field for her to run around in, she is by herself a lot and I think the energy was just making her have "equine cabin fever."

After skipping the energy supplement for two days, the Pippi of old is just about back. Today she was friendly, wanted to be petted, stood in the cross ties and was just amenable to everything. With the constant rain, we did not ride, but I sure wish we could have. She was a bit distracted, but in a few more days we should see even more mood improvement.

I called SmartPak and asked to switch the energy supplement, but they had already sent this months shipment. They stated that they had not had complaints about mood changes with the energy supplement, but I still think that is the culprit in our case. Just goes to show that as with all creatures we have to decide for ourselves, and realize that we all react differently to different stimuli.

I spent today at home, after waking up at 3am with a migraine and severe pain in my neck and shoulders. This afternoon I had a deep tissue massage, and although quite painful, it helped tremendously. Before the massage I could barely lift my elbows, but I am now typing on my blog.  Still went to the barn with Daughter this evening too.

Haven and Stumpy
Mostly I spent the day chillin with the cats.


  1. Feel better soon!

    So glad just changing the supplement made a difference - feed and supplements do really affect them sometimes.

  2. Thank you Kate. Pippi is proving to be hypersensitive to things that does not bother other horses. Just thrilled she has calmed down

  3. Ugh! I hate migraines, thankfully I don't get them anymore (knock on wood!) Sorry you are hurting, glad the massage helped. Glad to hear too that Pippi is acting better.

  4. Love your post title! Have you tried Raspberry leaves for Pippi? I couldn't remember if in past posts you have mentioned this. I am thinking about trying them for Riva. Lots of bloggers seem to have success giving to their mares.

  5. Several people have mentioned Raspberry leaves, so we may give that a try if she gets moody again, and if MareMagic doesn't work. We tried Chasetree berry (sp?) two years ago, and it had the opposite effect, although it worked quite well for another mare knew at the time. That's why I am leaning towards MareMagic. But I still think for now she is back to her old self. Yay!

  6. I'm so glad removing the energy supplement seems to help. :D I love that head shot of Pippy. She looks so noble lol.

    That sucks about the migraine. I have horrible headaches, although I don't think mine are technically migraines, but I can relate. I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad the massage helped.

    Will smartpak let you send it back for a trade? What will you do with the energy supplement?

  7. The energy supplement is part of a three pack that we gave her every night; two joint packs and one energy. We cut off each energy pack. They are good until May, so we ate holding on to them. Thinking about perhaps giving them to her a few days before shows. But we will see.....

    Feeling pretty good now. Migraine gone, but some muscle pain remains. I am ignoring it and going on with life.

  8. They really are all individuals - I'm glad you were able to find an answer to the question by cutting out the energy supplement!

    I've used three different raspberry leaf products - Levelor, Mare Magic and regular old raspberry leaves, and found they all worked great!

    Hope your migraines stay away too :)

  9. Good idea saving them for later. Remember before a show she might already be excited though so consider that when you make your decision. I don't know what's in it or how she is at a show, so just speculating. :D

    I'm glad you're migraine went away. If it comes back something that helps my bad headaches is an ice pack on my face. It numbs it a little. I hope they stay away.

    In response to your comment on my blog: Oh yeah definitely!!! If you bred Pippi to a Friesian that baby would be gorgeous. :D That is so awesome that you met Othello. I've only met a few Friesians and they were all pasture pet mudballs. Adorable, but not quite as impressive as a Friesian stallion in show form. :) I still haven't gotten to ride one though. Someday . . . :D


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