Tuesday, November 22, 2011

To Fly Bonnet or not, that is the question.

We have a Paint, a loud shining colorful Paint Mare. She is only 15 hands tall, but she stands out in a sea of 16 + hands of Bay Tb's and WB's. Just ask any TB gelding at any Hunter show; that wide white bootie of Pippi's is a magnet.

So I ask you; should we bonnet or not? The wind has never been an issue with Pippi. Any draft through her noggin has never affected her performance, so it would only be a fashion statement. But would a fashion statement such as a fancy Fly Bonnet look silly, or even ridiculous on a Paint?

Would it look as though we are trying waaaaaayyyy too hard to make our Paint look the Tb part? Keep in mind we are Hunter Jumpers, not eventers.

I like the look of the Fly Bonnet. It makes the horse look dressed for Show!!
" I am doing something extraordinary, and I dressed accordingly. Thank you very much."

I image googled "Paint Horse with Fly Bonnet" and found a lot of pictures of paint horses wearing fly masks, and then this horse ---------------------------------->

Now, no disrespect to this horse, but that looks ridiculous. Probably because I hate that kind of bonnet, but still..... What a silly looking bonnet, all frilly and grandma like. How old is this horse? Does it spend its days knitting in a rocker on the front porch?

I want any bonnet for Pippi to make her look distinguished, and special, and classy.

If you want to try out a Bonnet, I do, then you can enter to win a Sanswill Fly Bonnet  here. They are spectacular, and beautifully made. I want one now!!!

Thanks to A Work In Progress for turning me on to these great Bonnets, and the Give away.


  1. hi, thanks for the comment about Gilly and Jane, we made Gilly our Horse of the Week. Guess you'll have to try some of the fly bonnets on and see how they fit, some fit better than others. They can look smart though, that is if they fit properly!

  2. I'm with you on the blue fringed fly hat! NOT something I would ever buy or make Gilly wear, he would be embarrassed!
    I do have a fly hat for him that is crocheted and has black iridescent beads on it. He likes it cause it keeps the flies off his ears and I think it's really nice looking. Here is a link so you can see it:
    I like the hats or bonnets which ever term is correct because they look very elegant I think. (not fringey one though!)
    I think Pippi would look lovely with a black one with rhinestones!

  3. Pippi does not seem to have flies around her head, they all swarm around her legs and sides for some reason. I am going to make one, and see what I think. It will be a great after Yule craft, and that way I can make it in colors I like with bling or not.
    Of course I still hope to win one from Sanswill. Tvi Tvi

  4. LOL I didn't know people used them for a fashion statement (I have no fashion sense). I thought it was to prevent head shaking due to flies because in dressage (which is what I mainly watch) head shaking can be a sign of . . . tension or disobedience? I think she would look cute in one if it's not a bright color since she's already "loud" lol. I can't wait to see what yours looks like. Are you using a pattern? How do you measure for it? I'd love to read a post when you get finished with it. I love making stuff for my critters.

  5. Oooohhh!!! Those Sanswill Designs bonnets are gorgeous! Now that's stylin'....I think horses would really strut their stuff wearing something as elegant as that!
    Oh, yea! Miss Pip needs one of those!!! ;-)

  6. In our case it would be just for looks and fashion mostly. LOL. I just think it looks cool, and special.


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