Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you for validating

The comments I received for the previous blog post were so kind and thoughtful, Thank you. I feel better armed to speak to the new facility owner before moving, and feel that you have helped me find the words and validated my thoughts; THANK YOU!!!

Something BIG has happened in Pippi's world; she matured!!! And the previously "get along, be nice, no sweat" mare has become...............THE ALPHA MARE!!! I know, it is a transformation that has astounded us and Barn Lady. Barn Lady stated yesterday that she is so happy to see Pippi come into her own, and feels that moving Pippi to her place (and now we are about to move again, at least for the winter) gave Pippi a feel for a real herd, and her place in it. And that's a good thing, Pippi needed her confidence. The good news is that Pippi is still kind and sweet, and has not lost that side, but she is most definitely the mare in the herd that bosses the others around. She drinks first, she leaves the field first, and she is not fearful anymore.

The transformation happened after a new mare showed up, an alpha mare from Mississippi who bossed poor Annie and Pippi around mercilessly and finally had to be kept separately. After she left, a big TB mare named Holly moved in, and Pippi must have decided that she was not going to take any more guff. So she took control, and Holly and Annie accepted her position without any drama. Let's hope she rules with a kind heart.

It is startling to see how she carries herself now. It's like she grew a few inches, and just has a new strut. We are going to a show this coming weekend and we are happy to not have to worry about Pippi being fearful. Why would she be? She the BIG B now!

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