Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Don't wanna Know!!

I called an old friend last night, someone whom I had chosen to spend less time with on purpose. I called to be nice, and to make sure that a relative of hers was doing okay. "Nice" is not something I normally aspire to be, as I think it has a fake side to it. Because when is it that we ask someone to "be nice?" In my opinion it is when something should be glossed over, when we should just "be nice" to "get along." And as a brutally honest person, "being nice" is not a skill I am skilled at. As an old friend once suggested; I should have to wear a shirt at all times that reads: "Ask questions at your own peril."
The conversation started out well enough, and we both caught up with the current state of affairs. But then it happened, the reminder of why I had removed myself in the first place; THE DRAMA!!! It came rolling at me through the cellphone like a dark thundercloud.

Rolling in, eating up blue sky and sunshine, and enveloping me quicker than you can hit the "end call" button. Well, not really, because I was "being nice."
You can't imagine the amount of drama that has hit this persons life since we last spoke. This happened, and then that happened, and then, and you will not even believe this......and on and on. It ended with her trying to tell me some gossip and spread rumors about a new association in my life. But you see, it is a professional association of sorts, and I don't really need to know who they slept with, whether they have personal financial issues, if they really have the skills they state to have, whether they have gambling issues, or whatever the gossip was. Because just in time I remembered; I am NOT NICE!! I don't even aspire to be nice, it is a goal I let go of years ago, and so I ended the conversation. And it will be a cold day in "you know where" before I fall into the "nice girl" trap again. HA!!!

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  1. I've known some folks along the way that I chose to distance myself from; I'm not much on negativity myself (and am most definitely NOT a drama mama ;o)
    P.S. I'm probably not very nice either. *grin*


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