Thursday, September 29, 2011

Couldn't find my HORSE!!!!!

Went to the barn last night to longe Pippi, and to just spend some time with her. Looked forward to a little Pippi/mamma time. Daughter was making dinner, which was a super yummy pizza, and work on her essay, so off I went.
When I got there, I realized that Pippi and Annie was in their field since the gate was closed and they were not in the barn. I stood at gate and whistled, yelling "Pippi, Annie" with no results. Their field is about 2 acres, of weeds and hillside. After a few more minutes of calling for them, and banging the gate, I finally entered the field and started making my way around the hill. No sight of the mares, no rustling in the weeds, not snorting, NOTHING. I walked around the entire area, calling and trying to hard to listen for the. There is one really steep hill, and I stood at the top peering down and calling, nothing!!

Starting to feel a little unsettled now; go back for treat bag. Walk the field again, shaking treat bag and calling. Nothing!! Are they in another field? Are they with the geldings at the pond? Off I go. Nope, got to give treats to Tony the Pony and GreyBob, who did respond to the sound of shaking treats. But no mares.

Seriously!! Where is Pippi? Did someone take her? Did another rider take her and Annie on a trail ride, cause that would really tick me off!!!! Walk into the mare field again, and call owner asking her to call me back. In the distance I hear sirens, firetruck and ambulance. I can't see them in the valley yet, but the sound grows, and the field horses in the valley are starting to move. Oh good, if the mares somehow got down there I should be able to see them as they move with the herd.

The sirens come closer and closer, and I can now see the Firetruck as it nears the hillside. Just as it passes by, Annie comes flying out of nowhere, with Pippi right on her heels. They were down the steep side the whole time!! Pippi comes right to me, and snorts, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say they were both laughing at me. Those two really had me going!!

Property Owner calls me back, and laughs when I tell her what happened. It seems that these two pulled that stunt on her too, and that was at morning feed time. Stubborn ornery mares!!

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  1. LOL!! That is too funny! My Siberian Husky used to do something similar. She was white so she should have been easy to spot after dark, but she wasn't. I even put a bell on her collar, but she'd learned to lay very still so I couldn't see or hear her. Sometimes I'd walk within six feet of her and not see her, but she was watching me the whole time while I called for her lol. I have no idea why I didn't take a flashlight. :)


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