Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Crazy about Conformation

I have developed an interest in Conformation, and have spent some time reading about it on Blogs:
in my growing collection of Horse Books and by watching what horses place in "halter" or "in hand" classes at shows. 
Since Pippi is a Paint, her conformation follows that of the Quarter Horse (right? LOL). Here is the Standard for Conformation for the AQHA:

Hope that is legible. If not you can see a better version here: http://americashorsedaily.com/conformation-standards-rclp/

After doing all this reading and studying, I have no idea what makes good conformation and what does not. But I will keep looking and reading and learning.

Does Pippi have good conformation? Heck if I know. LOL


  1. I don't know much about conformation either but I have been told by quite a few people who know horses that Gilly is very well put together. I think that's pretty good for a ratty little rescue horse that grew up to be a really big boy. He could be a sport horse, dressage horse but he says he just wants to hang out in the field with Pokey! LOL He also says he will just let Pippi be the jumper....looks like too much work for him! ;-)

  2. If you post a picture of her standing sideways to the camera I can share what little I know. There is a forum I like to go to called the Free Speech Horse Forum that has a conformation critique section. http://fhotd64476.yuku.com/directory They know a lot about conformation, but you have to have really good pictures before they will even look at your post, so read the post on how to get a good picture before posting her. Also keep in mind this forum is unmoderated and some of the people are extremely rude. You have to have a tough skin and keep in mind that written text can come off a lot different than the spoken word. I love reading the posts to learn more about conformation. I've posted Chrome on there too. :)


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