Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trot issues

Still working on the rising trot, and somehow could not get the rhythm going last night. I choose to blame it on the boots as I was wearing work boots, and not my riding boots. In reality I just can't get my legs where they need to be. My seat is more Western than English at this point, but at least I am aware of that, so now all I have to do is fix that.
Easier said than done. My daughter, and trainer, keeps saying to get off my butt, and land on my "whoohaah." "Don't land so hard." "keep you weight in the stirrups." I line my shoulder, hip and ankles up, and I swear I stay that way for about half a stride, before my legs slide forward, and I land on my butt again. Poor Pippi. Best horse ever to practice on. I used to wish I had an easier horse to ride, but have come to realize that Pippi will force me to do it right, because when I do she trots along, but when I don't she slows to a walk. Pretty quick way to show me that it is not working. I am getting the diagonal thing though.

Oh, still working on the trailer loading too. Our friends, amazing friends, brought their trailer back for us to use until Friday. How about I tell you more about that when it is going better?

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