Thursday, March 17, 2011

I LOVE my horse

and quite frankly if you don't like my horse, I get offended. Especially if you say so out loud, like a young woman did yesterday.
I realize that a lot of people want what is referred to as a "push button" horse, the kind that stands still forever after you say "whoa" and does not seem to crave or ask for any interaction from humans. They take their cues, pick up the right lead, and make their riders look good. But they don't pull the zipper of my jacket up and down, show me where to put their feed or ride gentler depending on who is in the saddle.They don't turn around to see where the cat is before they move their feet, make sure that they are perfectly lined up over the "toilet" in their stalls before ........well you know, or yell when you leave them in the field.

So, you can keep your push button horse, and I will keep my living, breathing, thinking and feeling companion.

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