Thursday, March 17, 2011

My passion

We have enjoyed the company of Pippi for almost two years now, and it has finally become clear to me that I am indeed a horse person. For the longest time, it was somewhat intimidating for me to think of myself in terms of a real horse gal, but indeed I have become one. I am embracing this new status, green stained shoulders and all.
Here are the signs that finally convinced me to that I can count myself among horse people:

- I buy clothing, used mostly, with the idea that they will work great in the barn, be good for riding, and I will not care when they get stained by green slobber, or incidental barn muck.
- I speak of my horse, Pippi, and other horse related topics more than anything else, boring non horse people to tears I am sure.
- Pippi takes up the bulk of my financial spending outside of household bills. (and I don't mind, in fact I embrace it)
- I look forward to going to a dirty, filthy, cold space to wrangle a giant, stubborn mare while sitting in a comfy chair, in a warm clean office.

So I am a horse gal. Yay. Who would have guessed?

I have been struggling to write in this blog, it has been a stop and go thing, and I believe that is because I have not been writing about my one true passion: Pippi and learning to ride.

So here we go. Walk Up!

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